About Kombio


Kombio is for the adventurers. This is an online publication covering a range of alternative lifestyle topics. The mission is to provide thought provoking articles, reviews and guides with an eye on sharing and communicating ideas. I’m also an avid photographer with a deep appreciation for music.

About the owner

I launched my first online business, a textbook storefront in 2012 and have in some capacity lived as a Digital Nomad since. I’ve also held several positions of seasonal employment for the adventure while living the van life on and off beginning in 2016. I live as a material minimalist and look to position this blog as an alternative lifestyle resource. Frugal adventures and minimal living are among my passions.

I also document and share my life here in the form of a blog so that others may learn from my experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kombio

I have a general inquiry, how can I contact you?

If you need to get in contact please send an email to [email protected].

Is Kombio part of a larger network or parent company?

As an independent publication Kombio is not part of a larger network, nor is it owned by a parent company at this time. The only additional domains related to komb.io are kombio.net and kombio.org, both of which redirect here.

Are you being paid to state your site is powered by Google Cloud?

No. I continue to be impressed with my experience launching and maintaining the site on Google Cloud using Compute Engine.