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How to Use Cool Works to Find Seasonal Jobs for Van Life

We’re here to show you how to find seasonal work and jobs for the van life with Cool Works. In the past I’ve used Cool Works to locate seasonal employment for my van life adventures. My experiences were phenomenal and expanded my outlook on life. Being surrounded by fellow adventurers will change the way you think about vandwelling and yourself. The money from the work was used to help fund my trips and it will no doubt be a great resource for you while living mobile.

This guide is written to work for mobile, desktop and laptop. The URL for jobs with RV spaces can be found here. If you have no need to add additional qualifiers to your search you can skip to “Reaching Out to Employers” below.

How to Search for Van Life Jobs

Step 1: After you have visited the Cool Works website you will want to select the “Find a Job” option from their main menu. This menu will be in a hamburger (three lines) in the upper left hand corner if you are on mobile. 

Cool Works navigation, arrow pointing to
click or tap to expand

Step 2: A dropdown menu will appear, you need to select the “Search” option.

Cool Works navigation, arrow pointing to
click or tap to expand

Step 3: From here select the “+More” button.

A dropdown menu will appear, you need to select the
click or tap to expand

Step 4: You will see “Lifestyles” in a tab, select this.

A dropdown menu will appear, you need to select the
click or tap to expand

Step 5: A menu will be revealed with an option titled “Jobs with RV Spaces” – Select it and make sure it’s highlighted in purple.

A dropdown menu will appear, you need to select the
click or tap to expand

Step 6: Press the search button in red. You don’t have to enter anything into the search box. Adding additional qualifiers is up to you.

Search button displayed with arrow, press it.
click or tap to expand

Step 7: This will give you all of the jobs available with RV spaces. Browse for potential candidate jobs.

List of jobs available to browse for van life / rv friendly work opportunities.
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Reaching Out to Employers

picture of grand canyon, a place where you can find work on coolworks while living the van life

Once you find a job that looks like a potential candidate that you would like to do, it is time to reach out. I try my best to come off as positive and enthusiastic in my application, interviews and resume. These jobs are typically in the hospitality industry (but not always), so it is good to have a positive and warm demeanor. You probably don’t want to come off as a downer or the product of a debacle. Most employers want people that are enthusiastic to be living this way.

I’m in a Van, not an RV.

van shown parked at a camp hosting job

Not all jobs will be okay with just living in a van, but some may prefer it. A good example being remote camp hosting jobs deep in Yellowstone. These jobs typically prefer an acclimation to living “off grid” and being able to hold your own.

Describing your vehicle as a Class B if you live in a van is just fine. Assuming you’ve built out your van it’s basically the same thing. I have never had trouble doing this, but your results may vary.

I’ve found ski resorts in particular to be fairly lax in their attitude towards van life. A lot of enthusiasts or “ski bums” spend their entire winter looking for fresh powder. If this is you, you’re probably in luck. Depending on your interests you can usually find a job that you’ll be happy to work. Most resorts will hook up their employees with season passes that are valued in the thousands.

If you find yourself doing work in a cold environment but have an RV spot with outlets I recommend going with an electric heater. You can read more about electric heat, requirements and more in my guide to the winter and cold weather

Non-RV Spot & Employee Housing

residence housing shown which is typically offered by cool works for those vandwelling

Seasonal work offers the ability to save money while living a thrilling and adventurous lifestyle depending on the job. If you’re open to it, you may have the option to take employee housing with an employer on a discount or even free. This will also expand your options. I understand this is not for everyone but it’s definitely something to consider if you’re not dead set on staying in your abode all of the time. 

For some of you this may be a non-option and that’s understandable. Take your own approach to van life and live it the way you want. Many people that I’ve worked with took housing and just spent their time in their van around town while using the employee housing as a place to shower and do laundry. There is also the added benefit that you may be able to spend time here if your van needs repair instead of paying for lodging.

Additional Considerations

people shown rafting, a job you can find on coolworks is being a raft guide

Seasonal work can be a great opportunity to reach out to other adventurous spirits and live life to the fullest. Not all seasonal jobs will be a good fit for you but don’t let that discourage you. There are many out there and Cool Works is definitely a great resource for anyone in the van life.

I encourage a positive attitude when contacting employers. They want to see that you’re an infectiously positive person and chances are, if you are living this way you probably are. If you’re afraid that you’re too old to do something like this, don’t be. I’ve encountered people of all ages doing this.

I hope this has helped you in getting started to finding your next adventure on the road with Cool Works! Happy travels!


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