Site Changes: No More Advertising Distractions, More Focus

Over the past few months I’ve implemented this site as a democratization of information for everyone based on the classic model which indicates that if a site has value and the content is useful, it will drive traffic that should garner clicks via advertising. I have decided to roll back my participation in this model for the time being, mainly because the experience on this site should pull the readers into the content without distraction. I premise much of my life on eliminating negative distractions and optimizing for the best outcomes in relation to my time usage. Having the site itself operate in the attention economy is incongruent with the minimalism I purport to support. 

What Does This Mean For You?

You will no longer see traditional advertising on this website. In the past you would be greeted with advertisements embedded in the content that would pull your attention away. The purpose was to make you, the reader, inclined to click in an effort to bring your attention elsewhere. In return a portion of your click would be refunded to me to help support hosting and content production. Given that I actively avoid advertising by installing extensions because the experience across the web feels degraded in many circumstances, I would rather this site be the change I want to see on the internet. Many advertising platforms have standards for advertising to help put a lid on how extreme and distracting advertisements can be which is good- but I want to go above and beyond for you. 

So from here on out this site will not introduce additional tracking cookies for analytical purposes, nor will it serve you ads as an economic model.

Supporting Ongoing Development

If the content is good and has in some way been of use to you, you may buy me a coffee with the PayPal icon in the header and footer of the site or buy a print of my work. The value of the content should be reflected by individual actions taken by you, the reader. No complex coercion or manipulation as is often found in advertising will entice or encourage your support for this site. If you have not done so, you may clear your cookies (though you may need to relog into other sites). In the future I may consider Patreon, though without permanently paywalling content.

You will still possibly be tracked from embedded content from other services, such as clicking play on a Youtube video or visiting another site. Gravatar may still drop a cookie depending on your commenting behavior. None of these will provide me with analytical feedback of site performance or somehow grant this site a monetary reward.

Before purchasing new items always consider existing items you already have that may accomplish the same goal. If you have not already done so, please consider your consumption of content online and ask yourself how often advertising has followed you around the web, and how often has it caused you to buy something you really didn’t need. This site is premised as a celebration of minimalism and to continue traditional advertising would only be hypocritical and antithetical to the very message and goals of the site. 

We will continue to remain active on social media to get this information into the world, but I encourage readers to investigate time spent on those platforms in relation to advertising, spending and time expended as needed.  Thanks so much for being part of the community.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly or leave a comment.

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